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Mateela is an established name in the world of Pakistani Kino (Mandarin), both in Pakistan and abroad. Since the establishment in 2002 it has steadily grown in size, scope and reputation to become a top seed citrus export firm in Pakistan, and has a strong physical and financial muscle. Mateela is a name to reckon with in the world of citrus fruit. Mateela's experience is not only in citrus exports, but it is equally skilled in orchard management, pre-harvest and post harvest treatments. Mateela has become a name synonymous to the quality consistency and on time delivery. Tremendous efforts in this regard since the establishment has earned Mateela a loyal customer base. Mateela's exports worldwide to the destinations like UK ,Canada, Middleast, Fareast and South East Asia are worth mentioning.

Mateela has a complete set of latest equipments and technology. We have our own orchards, pack house and cold storage facilities.

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