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Mateela's Soil

Soil of Mateela has properties like aeration, fertility, drainage and salt concentrations which provide foundations factors that determine the success of citrus in this area. Citrus thrives best in deep, loose, well aerated soils devoid of any hard pan layers of calcium carbonate in the rooting zones. Ideal pH for citrus is considered to be 5.5 to 7.5 while soil of Mateela posesses more than 8.0 pH.

The soil of mateela contains organic matter level up to 4 % where as for successful citrus cultivation it is considered to be between 2 to 2.50 %.

The level field and fertile land of Village Mateela, ( District Sargodha, Pakistan) irrigated by fresh canal water have turned the groves into "Ripening Gardens" and due to mild winter it is less prone to be damaged by cold.

Plantation is done on our own farms, in the area of Village Mateela. The crop is monitored, and only highest quality of seed is used, where well trained labor assures the premium quality of fruit. By obeying the international phyto sanitary standards, pre harvest medicines are used to protect the fruit from dangerous fruit flies and fungus.

The climate of Mateela enhances growth of citrus fruit in various ways from seed germination to fruit harvesting. Although citrus fruits are originally tropical in nature but most of the commercial varieties grow better under sub-tropical conditions which are available in this area.

"it's tasty, it's mateela's "