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HACCP Certificate No. 05/3583HA  
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Mateela Kino Factory is one of the leading Company an exporting fresh fruits and vegetables in Pakistan, established in 2002. Mateela believe on continuous improvement that is why it achieved goodwill of in of international standard.

To meet the international food quality standard and international market compliance Mateela is working under that guide lines and protocol for this purpose Mateela have installed a processing plant and machinery of international standard. Mateela is also believe on good managerial skill and high skill human resource, that is why Mateela have hired high skill full and qualified human resource for the better and smooth function of various deportment.

The area of construction site 6 acres processing hall is constructed on 65000 sqf. The daily processing capacity of Mateela is 175 Tons. Mateela Kino Factory has there in house cold storage facility having capacity 1200 Tons. For measuring, monitoring and controlling of various key operations Mateela have not ignored the use of advance technology and sophisticated instrument. In order to bring high accuracy in processing, Mateela has installed various electronics and automatic monitoring appliances and instruments and there premises.

As a Grower

Mateela Kino factory has their own orchards, Global Gap Certified. Mateela Kino Factory produces their own kinnow under the supervision of a Horticulturist he has PhD in the citrus and attends various trainings, workshops and conferences held by international organization. In order to perform the various farms level cultural practices a team of technical persons like spray man, pruning person, irrigation operator, harvesters and pickers etc. Organizational structure of the orchard management team as presented as

As a Processor

Mateela believe on the importance of modern technology that is why Mateela has installed a Spanish oriented processing plant of high potential. The processing operation in Mateela is taken place under strict principles of food safety and hygiene. For various operation like unloading, inspection, Feeding, sorting, washing, waxing, sizing and packing are performed by trained and skill full persons. More over keeping in view the (safety first) first aid, washing facility, changing room and others necessary facility are provided by the management of Mateela to its man power.

As a Exporter

Mateela playing important role in export of fresh fruit and vegetable to the various countries of the world and bringing much needed foreign exchange to the country on one hang provide jobs to thousands of people at home. Mateela is well known name in the world due to its quality, commitment, integrity, trust and honesty. Mateela export to those countries of the world where there bilateral trade agreement is established. Mateela export through its own trade name “It’s tasty it’s Mateela”. The Countries where Mateela export its produce are Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Philippine, Norway and various countries of Middle East and Far East. Due to better quality based on better standards of production, processing, marketing and exporting Mateela have own the slogan all over the world “It’s tasty it’s Mateela”.

Organizational Structure of Mateela

Mateela Kino Factory’s management is backed by highly skilled work force and dedicated professionals in all fields.

Legality of Mateela Kino Factory (Regd)

  • Mateela Registered with Global Gap Citrus certification

  • Mateela Registered with HACCP Certification

  • Mateela Registered with BRC Certification

  • Mateela Registered with ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

  • Mateela Registered with Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Pakistan.

  • Mateela Registered with Ministry of Commerce Pakistan.

  • Mateela Registered with Chamber of Commerce, Sargodha Pakistan

  • Mateela Registered Horticultural Export Development Board Pakistan

  • Mateela Registered with Fruits & Vegetable Association of Pakistan

  • Mateela Registered CBR Pakistan

Certification and international Standard Scheme of Mateela

Mateela Kino Factory (Regd.) Certified with international standard Packing House is HACCP certified. Global Gap Citrus certified. BRC Certified. ISO 900-2200 Certified. Current Project of Mateela

Impression of the International Customer of Mateela

"it's tasty, it's mateela's "