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HACCP Certificate No. 05/3583HA  
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Grading & Processing

After harvesting, the fruit is brought into the pack house in plastic bins loaded on mini trucks and Lorries. When brought to the pack house the fruit is kept over night to match its temperature to the pack house environment. When it is sent to the processing line, the fruit goes through washing process with clean (lab tested) water and fruit detergent. Once dried in the dryer the high quality wax mixed with required amount of fungicides is applied to the fruit to minimize the decay and enhance the shelf life. At last the fruit is graded by a mechanical sizer who sorts it in to different sizes and then it is packed in high quality packing.

Our grades are based on soundness, firmness, cleanliness, size, weight, colour, shape, maturity, free from foreign matter and diseases, insect damage and mechanical injury. Counts in each carton are properly picked, washed, waxed, graded and packed prior to export.

"it's tasty, it's mateela's "