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HACCP Certificate No. 05/3583HA  
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Mission Statement

Mateela's moral obligation is to recognize our client's expectation and fulfill them; we intend that the name "Mateela" shall be forever synonymous to the best in taste and quality, both nationality and internationally. We are committed to maintain our advance quality control capabilities by taking every step forward in quality & time management, and this is a contribution we intend to make today & beyond".

Under the HACCP regime, the qualities of our product are of paramount importance for penetrating into the international markets. Mateela Kino under its mandate is responsible for designing and implementing quality standards in terms of determining harvest maturity, variety, size, colors, appearance and taste of the produce and to define specifications for packing and labeling. The management of Mateela Kino is committed to meet all the customer's requirements by providing the right quality produce at right time in right condition by meeting all the applicable regulatory & other requirements.

We assure the consumers receiving fruit in a fresh condition with less damage, longer potential shelf life and better eye appeal.

"it's tasty, it's mateela's "