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HACCP Certificate No. 05/3583HA  
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Harvesting Policy

Citrus fruit cannot be picked till it reaches the level of maturity and orange color.

We assure the Harvesting at the proper stage of maturity. The method of harvesting and the handling operations are crucial aspects, which determine the shelf life and quality of produce. As a first quality step it is ensured that the fruit should not be rotten, damage, bruised, ill, effected or of bad taste.

Mateela’s dedicated team of specialist work force selects only finest quality of Mandarin for our quality conscious customers. We use sharp pair of scissors to cut from the tree. Clipping the fruit with scissors is found to be better than plucking. We assure a small button and a short section of stalk to be left on top of the fruit.

"it's tasty, it's mateela's "